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Dare to be a Man

David G. Evans

Does it mean being the biggest, strongest guy around? The man with the most money, cars, and possessions? The man with the most power and respect?

Healed Without Scars

David G. Evans

Have you been hurt by past disappointment, fear, rejection, abandonment, or failure? When pain from the past lingers in your life and causes emotional scars...

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The Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches

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David G. Evans Ministries also reaches the world through the Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches. Conceived in June 1995 at the East Coast Power of God Conference, the Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches is a united body of churches that have joined together to empower local pastors and congregations.

With more than 100 member churches in the United States, Africa, and India, the Abundant Harvest Fellowship is unique in that it has no denominational restrictions. Rather, our unity is built upon our mutual agreement on the foundational truths and doctrines of the Christian faith.

To that end, we are a full gospel fellowship, believing that the gifts of the Spirit are alive and essential for productive biblical ministry and the expansion of the Kingdom of God through the church. No matter what type of ministry outreach we are involved in, our mission is clear: evangelize the lost, edify the believer, equip the saints for ministry, and grow the local church.